How do you stay positive? For some it’s easy for some it can be a little more challenging.

As someone who suffers from anxiety it’s sometimes difficult to stay positive all the time. It is hard to be positive all the time throughout your life even if you don’t suffer from anything.

So if you are going through a rough time, feeling low or just having a bad day I’ve come up with a few tips on how to keep positive. Some may work for you or some may not but it’s good to find the right one that works for you.

1. Pamper yourself – This is good one that you can do at home or go out somewhere. It can range from anything, simply by paining your nails or toes, booking yourself in for a massage, giving yourself a facial or just lighting some candles and having some classical music and having a hot bath. It’s a really good easy pick me up and can instantly lift your mood.

2. Exercise – This is a good one if you need to free your mind. There is nothing better than getting outside an going for a walk or a jog, especially if the sun is out. It really helps to see things differently and time to contemplate things. Better than sitting at home eating junk food!

3. Music – I am a firm believer that music can be a huge stress reliever. Sitting in a quiet room with your favourite music on can lift your mood instantly. Many people’s favourite songs make the smile whenever they hear them so you associate that music with being happy.

4. Friends- Surrounding yourself with you’re favourite people can help you feel better. For example if you’re having trouble with a difficult situation I always find talking to a friend who is completely non-biased is always really helpful. They may be able to give you an opinion which can help you feel better.

5. Positivity box – This is probably my favourite one of all. Get yourself a little box to keep hidden away and every time someone says something positive about you write it down straight away and put it in the box. It builds up over time and every time you feel a bit low get out the box and look at all the positive things about yourself that you have heard. It’s an instant mood uplifter and I swear by it.

I hope these are helpful to try and keep you feeling positive.

Keep smiling lovely people

Chow for now

Z xoxo


Too much information

So as you know I’m decorating my lounge and I shared a photo on social media of how messy the lounge was after some building work. Afterwards my friend came to me and said “Don’t you think that is too much to share on social media?” and that got me thinking what is too much to share online?

Personally I don’t think that was too much to share as my ethos is as long as it doesn’t reveal any personal information then it’s ok.

However I have friends who I see share things like their children’s injuries, is that too much? I guess it depends on the individual person. We’ve all probably seen things on social media and thought I don’t want to see that?!

We all know that we have to be so careful with sharing things online as people can get in trouble with work if they share things that might get them into trouble. Or when arguments start online for the whole world to see.

I must say the one of my huge pet peeves about social media is seeing people share and write things that are constantly negative, I have no time for people like that and I’m a huge believer in perspective and when you see people writing things like ‘omg I’m dying my toe hurts’ it’s just not worth it.

So with online sharing on social media are there unwritten rules or guidelines to go by? Such as not sharing things that are very personal, not sharing things about your job or even personal things about your children?

What are you opinions on this? What other unwritten guidelines should we follow?

Thanks lovely people

Chow for now

Z xoxo

Ukelele for dummies!

So I’ve decided to try and learn the Ukelele, 4 strings 4 fingers easy right? Wrong!

There is actually quite a lot to learn, don’t get me wrong I won’t be giving up I’m quite determined to get it right. The Ukelele has such a beautiful sound and very unique too, you hear quite a lot of songs that invole the Ukelele nowadays and it would be good to give them a go.

My friend has kindly given me theirs but I’ve got to wait until I get the tuner I’ve ordered to start so I’m just reading up about what to do.

So if anyone has any advice that would be great! What instruments have you learnt? Was it difficult?

I will keep you updated on how it goes

thanks lovely people

Chow for now

Z xoxo


So I’ve noticed my last few blogs have been a bit depressing so I thought I’d write about something that we all experience and quite amusing, awkward moments!

Ww all have awkward moments and sometimes they’re horrifically horrible but sometimes they’re very amusing. For example I’m having some decorating work done in my lounge and I’ve got 2 electricians here today. They are lovely guys but the problem is because I’m now having to live in my dining room but as it’s all open plan so I’m sitting in my little dining room/living room and be fuse I don’t have the guts to close the doors I’m sitting there watching TV having to listen to them chat and then it gets worse when they have to turn off the power! So I’m just sat there on my iPad listening to them work and chat, awkward!

So I have retreated upstairs to escape.

Which brings me to think about other awkward moments that we all have. How do we deal with them? There are so many awkward moments that we have some small song huge. I love hearing about people’s awkward moments and how we deal with them. Some you can have a giggle about with your friends and some we want to bury into the deepest darkest places on earth and never speak about again.

How do you deal with awkward moments?

Thanks lovely people

Chow for now

Z xoxo


So with everything going on with my job I’ve decided to move on and start looking for something else.

I have spoken up so many times and keep getting overlooked and now I’ve decided to stop trying, because to be honest it doesn’t get me anywhere.

Nobody likes change but at the end of the day you’ve got to think whats best for yourself. So it brings me to think about change, how do people deal with change? I guess it depends on the person. Some people cope really well with change and some don’t. How do you deal with change? Being quite shy and nervous I find change not difficult just probably more challenging than others. So what advice would you give to people going through change?

There are so many different types of changes but I guess the way that each person deals with it is the same.

So we shall see what this kind of change brings.

Thanks lovely people

Chow for now 🙂

Z xoxo


So this blog is all about questions. The questions that we may ask ourselves in different situations.

I’ve been blogging about my job troubles, and how I’v been overlooked a few times within my job. All within this my closest friend who I work with got an interview for the job that I applied for and didn’t get interviewed. To be honest it was super hard to try and be happy for them.

So it all comes down to asking yourself questions. How do you try to be happy for that person? What do you say? In this situation I was there for her and wished her luck, which was hard but I guess it was the right thing to do. I’m not a horrible person and I will always do whatever I think is right for that person and never hurt their feelings. Is it possible to carry on being such close friends?

So these questions I have been constantly asking myself. What do I do? Can you just move on? Or will you always resent that person for being noticed when you haven’t?

It’s very difficult to answer these questions and people ask themselves different questions depending what situation they are in. I’d like to know how people handle these questions, do people answer them all or just push them to the back of your mind?

Thanks lovely people

Chow for now 🙂

Z xoxo

What to do next?!

So in my last blog I explained about the troubles I was having in my job and being overlooked twice for a promotion. I was unsure about whether to speak up or keep quiet.

Being very shy and having Anxiety can make it difficult to speak up as you worry about the outcomes. However this time I decided to be brave and speak up to my boss. We had a meeting about the situation and I expressed by feelings and thoughts and managed to remain confident without crying! Woohoo! (I get emotional over the slightest thing!)

Anyway after a long meeting I am really no further forward, the justification my boss gave me for not getting the promotion is a little bit of a cop out. To be honest I think I am more happy that I spoke up.

Which brings me back to the title of the blog. What to do next? What would you do? I can look for something else but I love everyone there and I’m very settled there. So I guess it comes down to either keepings things as they are or taking the leap and making a change.

Lots of thinking to do!

Thank you lovely people.

Chow for now

Z xoxo